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Whether you are stringing beads, cutting wood, centering a picture, sewing seams, measuring fish, or folding paper, Handy-Rule™ rulers can make the job quick and easy. When you need to measure by the inch, millimeter, centimeter, meter, convert standard to metric, or center our self adhesive rulers are right where you put them. They never get lost or borrowed! They’re moisture resistant and stick to any smooth surface. Handy-Rule™ rulers are so versatile; the entire family can use them at home or office. Our peel and stick rulers are designed to make measuring convenient and easy. Rulers make a great inexpensive gift.

  Excellent for:
  • Sewing Rulers – cutting tables, sewing machines
  • Workshop Rulers – Saw tables, drill presses, work benches, machinery
  • Office Rulers – Keyboards, countertops, desks, machinery
  • Fishing Ruler – fishing rods, boats, trim moldings, cleaning stations, kayaks, paddles, spear guns, tackle, ice chest, tailgate
  • Arts and Craft Rulers – Craft tables, drafting tables, work benches
  • Weaving Rulers– Looms
  • Quilting Rulers – Frames, tables
  • Picture Framing Rulers – Tables
  • School Rulers - Desks, tables, science labs
  • Jewelry Making Rulers
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