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Handy-Rule | Choose the Right Ruler

Choosing the right ruler is important. Below is an easy questionnaire to help in selecting the right ruler for your needs.
    1. Do I need Metric?
      • Yes - Use Combi-Rule™, Combi-Center™, Metri-Rule™, Metri-Center™
      • No - Use Handy-Rule™, Handy-Center™, or Rod-Rule™

    2. Do I need to convert Inches to/from Metric?
      • Yes - Combi-Rule™, Combi-Center™
      • No - Handy-Rule™, Handy-Center™, Metri-Rule™, Metri-Center™, Rod-Rule™

    3. Do I need Centering Capability?
      Centering rulers are the most versatile and multi-use. Use for work benches, sewing machines, saw tables, craft tables, hobby tables, counter tops, framing tables, etc.
      • Yes - Handy-Center™, Combi-Center™ , Metri-Center™
      • No - Handy-Rule™, Combi-Rule™, Metri-Rule™, Rod-Rule™

    4. Will the ruler be used on round or curved surfaces?
      Example: Fishing rods, Boat railings or trim, or any other smooth curved/rounded surface
      • Yes - Rod-Rule™
      • No - Handy-Rule™, Handy-Center™, Combi-Rule™, Combi-Center™, Metri-Rule™, Metri-Center™
    5. What increments do I need?
      • 1/16” increments --- Handy-Rule™, Handy-Center™, Combi-Rule™, Combi-Center™
      • Millimeter increments --- Combi-Rule™, Combi-Center™, Metri-Rule™, Metri-Center™
      • 1/8” increments - curved surface --- Rod-Rule™
    6. What length do I need?
      • 36” or less --- Handy-Rule™
      • 18” both left and right --- Handy-Center™
      • 39.3” + 1 meter (100cm) --- Combi-Rule™
      • 19.7” + 50 cm both left and right --- Combi-Center™
      • 1 meter (100cm) --- Metri-Rule™
      • 50 cm both left and right --- Metri-Center™
      • 34” or less , soft vinyl --- Rod-Rule™

All Rulers are made of tough, durable Polyester except for the Rod-Rule™. Rod-Rule™ rulers are made from soft, pliable vinyl material that will not peel up from curved surfaces. All Rulers are bright yellow with black printing for best visibility.

TIP: For added protection from excessive wear in high volume areas, such as counter tops or machinery, clear packaging tape can be placed over the ruler to protect the numbers.

Handy-Rule™ Rulers - “The Rulers That Stick Around ®”

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