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In May of 1988, while fishing the lower Laguna Madre (near South Padre Island, TX.) with a Game Warden friend, the “Rod-Rule™ Ruler” was born. Since Texas and most other states have size and/or slot limits for most popular game fish, not having a ruler whilst fishing could make for a bad day. After tripping over the “Official Game Warden Measuring Board” laying on the floor of the boat, plus climbing over people and equipment to measure fish, the light bulb came on. Why not attach an economical flexible ruler directly to the fishing rod? This eliminates the boat clutter, climbing over people, rusting rulers, forgotten rulers, and problems with wade fishing and pier fishing. When you have your rod, you have your ruler.

The SE Rose Co.® of San Antonio, TX. began as “The Rose-Art Co.” back in 1990. After extensive research, testing, plus trial and error, the right vinyl and adhesive combination was selected and prototypes were developed and perfected. Rod-Rule™ Rulers have been sold throughout the United States ever since.

In November 1999, after many customer stories of various applications, the “Handy-Rule™” rulers were born. Through customer feedback, we learned that our “Rod-Rule™” Rulers were being used for a wide variety of uses. It became necessary to develop a more durable, scratch/wear resistant, stretch resistant, removable, and economical ruler to meet those new applications. After another year of development, the six new Handy- Rule™ series of rulers became a reality. Our Rulers have been used on an endless array of machinery, equipment, tools, sewing machines, quilting frames, craft tables, work benches, cutting tables, desks, keyboards, counter tops, saw tables, drill presses, T-squares, drafting and art tables, baby changing tables, and dog measuring devices. The list continues to grow as customers report their unique uses for our ruler. The Pittsburg Zoo measures salamanders in glass tubes with our ruler on the tube!

During this expansion period, the company name was changed from Rose-Art to SE Rose Co®. Our company goal is 100% Customer Satisfaction. By concentrating on doing the job right the first time, we just don’t have many complaints. This is a fact that we are proud of.

We have recently added the convenience of on-line shopping for customers to purchase our product when there is not a local retailer available. 

Please continue to browse our site. We are happy to help you in any way. Whether you are a consumer, retailer, distributor or manufacturer, we have a ruler that can make your job easier. We welcome all comments, suggestions, criticism and success stories. Our job is to make your measuring jobs easier. Contact us by Email or phone at:

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